Dr. Coleman and his staff would like to provide these educational resources to you. We would like for you to use this section to help prepare for your procedure. This page includes detailed descriptions of procedures, as well as prep instructions for each procedure. We would like your help in providing the highest quality service by insuring that you complete the proper prep before your scheduled procedure. Please read over the information carefully at least 7 days prior to starting your prep. If you have any questions, please call during regular office hours. If you are unable to finish your prep or have problems or questions while completing your prep, please call Dr. Coleman for further instructions at 816-429-6057.

Endoscopic Procedures

Procedure Prep Instructions

EGD_ERCPInstructions0714 EGD_Colon_Prep_Miralax_Instructions_0714 Colon_Prep_Miralax_Instructions_0314 Colon_Prep_Mag_Citrate_and_Ducolax_Nov_2016

Prep Instructions


Colon Prep

Magnesium Citrate
and Dulcolax®

Colon_2-Day_Prep_Instructions_0714 Colon_Prepopik_Instructions_0714_Color Flex_Sig_prep_instructions_0314 Colon_Prep_Moviprep

2-day Colon Prep

Prepopik® Colon Prep

Flex Sig Prep

Moviprep® Colon Prep

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